#26 Rebecca Tsang

IMG_4979 - Rebecca Tsang

Hello everyone! I’m Rebecca, born & raised in Hong Kong. I moved to Cali for college and stayed here ever since. I have been singing since I could remember, but my official debut was at a community children’s choir at the age of 6. I’ve always enjoyed singing solo, duet and group, no matter where, when, what and with whom! I enjoy singing in different languages too, not necessarily understand entirely what the lyrics mean… be it Latin, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, etc. but my favorite language to sing in definitely is Chinese because I grew up with Chinese pop songs! I enjoy singing Faye Wong’s songs a lot. You’re welcome to check out my YouTube page. I hope you’ll enjoy my songs and it will be very exciting to sing on stage in Vegas! 🙂 大家好!我是Rebecca,在香港出生和長大。我搬到加州上大學,從那時起就住在這裡。我自有記憶以來就開始唱歌,但我的正式首演是在6歲的社區兒童合唱團。無論是唱獨奏,二重奏和小組我都喜歡,無論在何時,何地唱什麼和與誰合唱!我也喜歡用不同的語言唱歌,不一定完全理解歌詞的含義……無論是拉丁語,葡萄牙語,法語,日語,西班牙語,意大利語等,但我最喜歡的語言是中文,因為我從小就聽中文流行曲!我很喜歡唱王菲的歌。不妨去YouTube看看。 我希望你會喜歡我的歌曲,而可以有機會在拉斯維加斯的舞台上高歌!:-)