#90 Vanessa Lin

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Hi guys,

My name is Vanessa Lin and I’m 19 years old. Currently a freshman in college. I have a passion for performing, especially singing and dancing. Participating in this contest could be an opportunity for me to not only gain more stage experience but become more confident as a person. I really hope I can get to the next round 🙂 If possible, you can hit that vote button (I think it’s a heart) to help fulfill my dreams. Thank you for your support!


大家好!我是Vanessa 今年19歲 目前是大一新生 我對表演藝術蠻有熱忱的 尤其是唱歌和跳舞

希望能藉此比賽讓我有更多演出經驗 使我成為更有自信的人 期待有機會能晉級到下一會合 如果可以的話 請支持我 投我一票~謝謝你們:)